The mission of the Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions (GIBHS) at UW Medicine is to improve the health for the millions of people at risk for and affected by mental health, substance use, and other brain health disorders. We do this by developing, testing and rapidly deploying innovative approaches to prevent and treat brain health and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, schizophrenia, addiction, dementia, and suicide that rob millions of individuals of the opportunity to lead healthy and productive  lives. Launched with a $50 million gift from Mike and Lynn Garvey, we will be developing the Institute over the next five to ten years.

Our Approach

  • We bring a dynamic community of clinicians, researchers, patients, families, communities and employers together to accelerate research and rapidly translate discoveries about brain health into prevention and treatment strategies for individuals with common brain disorders.
  • We work to better detect brain health problems early on by capitalizing on advances in neurosciences, genetics, computer science, engineering, brain imaging, psychiatry, psychology, neurology and rehabilitation medicine.
  • We engage patients and families in prevention and treatment programs that can substantially improve people’s lives.

Expected Outcomes

  • Through scientific achievement, we intend to discover new ways to prevent and treat brain health problems that now affect millions of individuals each year.
  • Through direct care and consultation, we hope to help thousands of patients each year who are struggling with devastating and disabling brain health conditions.
  • By enabling more efficient and effective delivery of healthcare, we hope to double or triple the reach of currently available clinical programs to help more patients in need.
  • Through state-of-the art training programs, we hope to attract the next generation of expert clinicians and scientists to the Pacific Northwest and to support and inspire them to create new answers for the millions of individuals and families affected by brain health and mental health problems.